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Posted March 3, 2017

Transform NOLA is a yoga and personal training studio operating on Oak Street in uptown New Orleans
for over seven years. We teach group classes and one-on-one with the focus on moving mindfully in order to maximize the experience for your body and mind.


The studio is a warm, welcoming space where students support and encourage each other. Our desire is that students show up, do their best, and leave feeling successful and healthier in body and mind.


New Student Specials:

Ready to try some classes? New students save 30% to 50% off the drop-in rate for three classes. 



Vinyasa yoga is a flowing sequence of movements connected to the breath. The body is challenged in the areas of strength, balance and flexibility; the mind is challenged by focusing on the task at hand and the breath. With consistent practice, our students have realized amazing benefits – they have overcome chronic pain, serious injuries and other Life challenges.


No matter what your situation, you can benefit physically, mentally and emotionally with yoga. Just beginning? There’s a Yoga 101 class or let the instructor know and they will work with you. Want to try something new? Try aerial yoga or the handstand & flexibility class. Don’t feel ready for a class in a group setting? Instructors are available for private sessions to get you comfortable with the poses and format. Injured? We can also work together to modify the practice to accommodate where you are today. The great thing about yoga is that you can start wherever you are and progress gradually from there…




A TRX workout class makes you stronger – and improves balance and flexibility. You become more effective in your other activities and less prone to injury. Doyou run? Play tennis? Golf? Fish? Ski? Practice yoga or martial arts? Play with the kids? Whatever you do, you will do it more easily and effectively – and have more fun!

Engage your core continually during this whole-body workout (no crunches or sit-ups required!) and adjust the level of intensity on the fly, challenging yourself at your own level in every class. Injured or rehabilitating an injury? No problem – there are exercise modifications to ensure that you still get a good workout and aid your recovery. This class is appropriate for all fitness levels and led by a certified and experienced instructor.



Questions? Contact Mia (the owner).


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