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Studio membership offers a mix of strength, balance and flexibility work for your body and mind!

Monthly memberships include:
Unlimited TRX and yoga classes (does not include community donation classes); one members-only class led by Mia; 20% discount on workshops, special events and products; a Transform NOLA t-shirt; access to members-only Facebook page to share ideas and challenges with like-minded people; bi-weekly video on a topic of interest to the group.
A total value of $470 or more for just $150 each month!

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Offering 200-hour AND 300-hour yoga teacher trainings!
Both programs begin February 2015!
Realize the full intention to grow in your practice and to share yoga with others. Programs are designed to help you develop to your full potential, both inside and out! Application deadline January 2015... make your dream become a reality!

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July 21st, 2014
I haven’t written in a long time. It’s as if I’m in quicksand, afraid that if I move, I will get stuck further. What’s been holding me back from doing something I love?   I. Love. To. Write. Getting an idea, mulling it over… and mulling it over… (sometimes it takes me weeks to get the nerve to actually put words to paper), and then, finally, pulling my thoughts and feelings from that insubstantial form into something that can be seen, even touched. What’s really rewarding is to go back to my pieces, months and years later, and be able to say, “Wow, did I actually write that?!” My perspectives, both then and now, examined and clarified.   What’s been holding me back — my quicksand — is the perception that my life is ordinary, that what I experience or think is not good enough to be shared... Read More