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Join Heidi, our Kidding Around yoga teacher, for these fun, creative session for 4 to 8-year-olds,
that include songs, stories, crafts, snacks and LOTS of movement!
Class size is limited to 10, so please 
pre-register to secure your child's  spot!

Summer themed class is June 3rd from 9am to 11:30am.
Your child can attend for $30.

Do you want to know how to create and manifest the life you want to experience?
To a
lign with the natural forces of the Universe, and those within you?
To imagine and attract the life you truly want?

Well, NOW is the time.
This three-part workshop series will solidly put you in the flow of purposeful and intentional heart-centered ease.
Three classes, two-and-a-half hours each, that directly and
solidly lead you to what makes you happy, what feels good, and what is truly possible.
Each student will receive intuitive readings, energy work and advice. 
This series is intended and designed so that deep, soulful healing can occur. 

And it's ALL in alignment with the very powerful creative moon energies! Sign up today!

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200-hour yoga teacher training!
Weekend training begins January 19, 2018!
Application deadline: extended to January 14th – only three spots available!
Weekday training begins September 2018

Yoga often lights a spark but fails to offer direction past a certain point – we’re left wanting to know more about the path and about ourselves on it.  There are questions about personal practice, the yoga tradition, and how to prepare for meaningful teaching.  There is a hunger in yoga studios for deeper practice; there is a call in the yoga world for inspired teaching. This training is a mentally, physically and emotionally challenging process designed to enable serious students to become inspired teachers.
Stay tuned!

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August 30th, 2017
As a movement instructor, I notice movement. I notice how you move. That helps me craft a class that will help you to move better.    That's the goal. Moving better.    You aren't going to move better if you're in pain. You might not feel like moving at all if something hurts.    One complaint I get A LOT is shoulder pain.   So here's what you need to know – stuff can wear out. Cars, clothes, shoes, shoulders. Stuff can wear out.    I believe your structures were meant to last your lifetime. I also believe you can void the 'warranty' by misuse.    You know you're supposed to change the oil in your car to maintain the 'warranty'... Read More